Monday, March 19, 2007

Three Crosses

RIGA GUIDEBOOK: Sunrise from the top of Three Crosses Hill is beautiful. So of course, we had to go.

Waking up early was agony. We went to sleep at 2 am, after an encounter with a group of drunken Brits. But we tumbled out of bed into our shoes and off we went. Clawing desperately at the side of a visually manageable yet physically exhausting hill, I wondered if it was the early hour or the months of potato diet that so effectively sapped my strength. Panic that I'd miss the sun kept me scrambling toward the top of the informal trail winding among the tree roots and semi-melted ice bits until we finally fell, exhilarated, into a clearing.

Later, we were quite proud of ourselves. "Didn't see anyone else on that hill."

We walked the streets until stores opened, which was not soon on a Saturday morning. Almost by accident, we discovered a small cafe with fresh baked goods literally coming out of the oven. We sat down to munch, among heaped pastry piles purchased to sample the full range of options - pastry with chocolate, with cream, with orange, with cherry - and "real" coffee.


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